All throughout the Bible we see the orderly nature of creation established by God. Everything harmoniously works together, from the universe down to the smallest molecule. Their purpose is defined, their reason for existence is known, and they all contribute to life and well-being.

The Administration Team was developed to help the church of God become more organized and orderly. We use best business practices to find ways to make God’s church efficient, productive, and fiscally responsible.

Our purpose is to serve all ministries of the church so that our mission can be achieved. The Administration Team assists in facilitating ministry by aligning the resources of the church. We call ourselves the A-Team (we love it when a plan comes together).

The A-Team consists of ten ministry leaders:

  • Head Deacon
  • Transportation Director
  • Physical Plant Director
  • Head Deaconess
  • Communications Director
  • Treasurer
  • Clerk
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Administrative Elder
  • Administrative Team Leader

Need More Information?

If your gift is planning, organizing, writing, any type of financial management, computers, project leaders, or you just like working to help other people, please email Stephanie Crider at, or call our offices at 423.698.0707.