The family is one of the best illustrations we have about what God is like. A family that is spiritually healthy will manifest characteristics of humility, patience, hope, and loving acceptance. At Orchard Park, we believe that the strength of our church is based on the spiritual life of its members and families.

At Orchard Park, we minister to the needs of families as Christ did, with the goal of restoring wholeness. We believe families that have complete and harmonious relationships represent Christ’s character to the world.

Through Family Life we endeavor to:

  • Support healthy family functioning and facilitate the preservation and spiritual development of Godly families.
  • Provide opportunities for families to be the transmission of Christian values, and be a witness for God in the world of His power to unify and engender the happiness of each person.
  • Assist families in being the ordained place where human beings can experience love to its fullest extent—romantic love, friendship love and redemptive love.
  • Provide meaningful relationships and/or mentoring for those without families.

Need More Information?

To learn about upcoming Family Life events or to volunteer in the Family Life Ministry Department please contact: Robert and Denise Williams at or 423.310.2037. You may also call our offices at 423.698.0707.