Sab­bath School is one of the main forms we use where dis­ci­ples are made dis­ci­ples for Christ. We desire to nur­ture the spir­i­tual growth of mem­bers and prospec­tive mem­bers, as well as those who don’t know Christ who join in the fel­low­ship, study, shar­ing and ser­vice.  Sab­bath School exists not only to min­is­ter to its mem­bers, but to train its mem­bers to min­is­ter to oth­ers. Here at Orchard Park, Sab­bath School is an amaz­ing school of Chris­t­ian liv­ing, not just an event on Sab­bath mornings.

On Sab­bath morn­ings, classes for each age group wel­come chil­dren and adults to an hour of active learn­ing geared to their stage of faith devel­op­ment. These classes pro­vide faith-shaping expe­ri­ences for new­borns through ado­les­cents dur­ing a simul­ta­ne­ous adult Bible study experience.

Children’s Sab­bath Schools Classes

  • Begin­ners: birth–2 years old
  • Kinder­garten: 3–5 years old
  • Pri­mary: 6–9 years old (grades 1–4)
  • Juniors: 10–11 years old (grade 5–6)
  • Ear­li­teen: 12–13 years old (grades 7–8)
  • Youth: grades 9–12

Adult Sab­bath School Classes

  • New Believ­ers
  • Young Adult
  • Sab­bath School Quarterly

Need More Information?

If you would like to be a part of pro­vid­ing this min­istry, please con­tact L.C. Fagin at or call our offices at 423.698.0707.