Ushers are ordained by God and annointed by the Holy Spirit. They play a vital role before, during and after the worship experience and many special events. As ush­ers:

  • We are called to rep­re­sent Jesus Christ and to be an exten­sion of His heart and hands for those in our con­gre­ga­tion and for visitors.
  • We are called to assist our pas­tor in accom­plish­ing his goal of the teach­ing of God’s Word, equip­ping the saints for fur­ther work of the min­istry and help­ing to ful­fill his vision for the local church by help­ing to main­tain reverence.
  • We are called to meet, greet and direct peo­ple who come to our church. We rep­re­sent our church and our pas­tor to every new vis­i­tor. We are called to actively meet peo­ple and make them feel wel­come and special. One of our assign­ments is to kindly and affec­tion­ately greet peo­ple and then seat them in our sanc­tu­ary to wor­ship. We are called to direct peo­ple to the var­i­ous places and other min­istries in the church.
  • We are God’s pub­lic rela­tions peo­ple. His representatives to demon­strate His love toward every mem­ber and vis­i­tor. We also pro­vide mem­bers and vis­i­tors a great first impres­sion of the per­son­al­ity and spirit of our church. We know that that first impres­sion is a last­ing impression.

Need More Information?

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