Each of us is called to wor­ship God with our entire life, includ­ing our time, tal­ents and resources. Shar­ing those resources is an impor­tant way to wor­ship the Giver of all good things. We pledge to be good stew­ards of your gifts, tak­ing great care in how we man­age and track the resources entrusted to us.

Giv­ing Methods

You may make your gifts in a vari­ety of forms. You will receive a receipt of your tax-deductible gifts in accor­dance with IRS require­ments. Please let us know if you have any spe­cific needs regard­ing the tim­ing of these noti­fi­ca­tions; oth­er­wise, you will receive the min­i­mum sum­mary of your gifts nec­es­sary to meet gov­ern­ment standards.

Online Giv­ing

Whether you’d like to give a sin­gle gift, sched­ule ongo­ing dona­tions or return your tithes to the Lord, you can do it all online. It’s quick, easy, and secure. With our new, enhanced ser­vice you can give by using your check­ing account, debit or credit card (that you pay off each month!), whichever is most con­ve­nient. This safe, secure, and flex­i­ble option is one of the eas­i­est ways to give to at Orchard Park.


You can give cash dur­ing Saturday-morning wor­ship ser­vices or drop it off at the Orchard Park offices dur­ing nor­mal busi­ness hours.

Checks or Money Orders

Checks or money orders can be given in three ways:

  • Placed in the offer­ing plate during Saturday-morning worship
  • Dropped off at the Orchard Park offices
  • Mailed to Orchard Park SDA Church / PO Box 3674 / Chat­tanooga TN 37404

Direct Deposit

Sim­plify your giv­ing by autho­riz­ing an auto­mated trans­fer of funds for your reg­u­lar tax-deductible giv­ing to Orchard Park. You may choose monthly or twice-monthly trans­fers from your bank account directly to the church account. Sim­ply fill out the “Debit Autho­riza­tion Form” avail­able in the church office, or down­load the formand fill it out now. Sub­mit the form in per­son or via mail to the atten­tion of the Finance Office. Once we receive your form, we will con­tact you to con­firm the infor­ma­tion. You may dis­con­tinue the deb­its at any time.

Need More Help?

If we’ve left you with unan­swered ques­tions, call our offices at 423.698.0707 or email us at treasurer@opsda.org