Our deeply held beliefs about HOW we do ministry:

  • Prayer: Com­mu­ni­cat­ing with God is how we con­nect to God.
  • Evan­ge­lism: Lost peo­ple mat­ter to God; there­fore, they mat­ter to us.
  • Dis­ci­ple­ship: Grow­ing through bal­anced, bib­li­cal teach­ing that pro­duces mature, spir­i­tu­ally pas­sion­ate and fully devoted fol­low­ers of Christ.
  • Out­reach: We show the love of God by serv­ing oth­ers for God.
  • Chris­t­ian Edu­ca­tion: We train up our chil­dren in the ways of God, so they will never depart from God.
  • Excel­lence: Min­istry eval­u­a­tion is how we ensure that we are always giv­ing God our best. Every­thing is evaluated!

Orchard Park is a church fam­ily lead­ing peo­ple to Christ, grow­ing peo­ple in Christ, and serv­ing peo­ple for Christ.