About Us



Here at Orchard Park we exist to lead people to Christ, grow people in Christ, and serve people for Christ.

Hello and welcome to the Orchard Park church family! We are proudly located near the heart of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a mission driven church of all ages, we have a passion for Christ and seeing people led to Him. As we grow in our walk with Jesus, it is our HIGHEST PRIVILEGE to serve others (including you) for Christ. We invite you to join us Wednesdays for Bible Study at noon and 7 pm. We have Sabbath School classes for all ages. If you are unable to attend out church in person, you can view our services at your convenience.
We are proud of our lively worship services, community involvement, youth programs, and Bible-based theology. Greater still, you will experience the presence and power of God. If you are already a Christian, we invite you to come and seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ. If you are not yet a Christian, we invite you to tune in or come by and inquire more about this God we serve as our personal Savior. We would love to meet you and have you join us in worship!